Yes, there is a National Oyster Day and yes, there is a website. It’s pretty helpful on all things bivalve mollusk and such, plenty of info on oyster fests, tips on shucking, etc.

But you’re here because you want to know if oysters are really aphrodisiacs.

Seriously, just admit it so we can move on…

…OK, so the basics. It’s said that Casanova ate 50 oysters a day, for breakfast. Because who wouldn’t? He attributed his legendary sexual prowess, stamina, or something like that to slurping the little suckers. So the science people decided to actually do the research to find out if there was any truth to the legend. Findings were a mixed bag.

  •         Yes, oysters have aphrodisiac powers! Kind of a stretch, but the gist is that bivalve mollusks are rich in stuff that increases sex hormones.
  •         Hell no – are you kidding?! Yeah, the idea’s a little bogus. As others see it, the researchers just used the phrase “oysters are aphrodisiacs” in the title of their presentation to attract attention.

So, not to burst your bivalve, but there’s not much scientific research to prove that oysters should be your go-to breakfast when you’re looking to get busy.

There is, however, some evidence that may be consistent with hot sauce as an aphrodisiac. When the capsaicin enters the body, it mimics the effects of arousal. Heat flashes, flushed cheeks, a boost in heart rate, and the like.

Well, it seems pretty clear what you’ve gotta do on National Oyster Day: Raw, on the half shell.

(I suggest a blend of ketchup and enough horseradish to make it pale pink. Then, a dash or five of Luke’s 18B Tailgate Hot Sauce. Saltine crackers, and you’ve got a meal).

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