On October 12th, 1948 on a cold and blusterous day in Frankfurt, Germany, Nils and Margaret Pearson gave birth to a baby girl and named her Christina. Well, it did not take long to know that this was an exceptionally irritable, ornery child, often spitting out her pacifier as she did. As a young child in Germany, Christina loved playing games such as “Kick the Can”, Knuckles, Figure 4 Leg-lock and Coco Butt.

Journeying to the USA to seek a better life, the family’s passage through Ellis Island resulted in “Christina” became a “Christine”. The happy family with their cantankerous child migrated to New Haven, Connecticut where the father Nils began what was to be a long career working on the railroad (all the live long day).

Growing up on the other side of the tracks in New Haven further toughened the already surly Christine. Seeking an appropriate education for “tough around the edges” Christine, Nils and Margaret were ecstatic to learn, after numerous applications and subsequent interviews on the Yale side of the tracks, that Christine became the first women ever awarded a full scholarship to Charm School . This record still stand as of today!

Living in New Haven became known as “Fluffy” to her girlfriends as she strove to practice the lessons of Charm School by baking cupcakes, cookies, and brownies for children. Meanwhile, she still referred to all men as “Dumb Bast’ids”! Fluffy also was known to have beaten up a few mothers at the local bus stop screaming “Nose Breakn’ Time”!

Today, this German born, New Haven raised charmer, lives in Florida and now goes by the name “Fluffy Sarsaparilla”. For those not in the know, Sarsaparilla is a beverage consisting of various forms of a bitter, strong soft drink found in scattered pockets of the western world. Also used as a slang word to describe a strong alcoholic beverage. She is in a class all by herself.

God knows there are a lot of women out there who are a little rough around the edges. But Fluffy Sarsaparilla takes everything to a whole other level! That level should be called “Fluffy Sarsaparilla”. Surely, many men are married to women close to this personality. The question is “ARE YOU MARRIED TO A FLUFFY SARSAPARILLA?”