As the 60’s arrived and Benny had been passed away a few years, it was now Maria’s health that was failing her as well. Soon after, she too passed away. San Filippo finally realized it might be high time he give up his salooning and womanizing ways and get himself an honest woman.

Lo and behold in the dusty town of Tucson, Arizona, she was there. Now this was gonna take a woman of extreme patience as San Filippo, you might say, met with the Devil on a regular basis! A couple of years went by and she stayed with him; pulling him out of watering hole after watering hole, settling his gambling debts, and healing his wounds. Well, on a sunny breezy (117 degrees) summer afternoon in July, 1965, San Filippo and Constantina Maria Diego Margarita became Mr. and Mrs. S.F.Booker.

As time went on San Filippo started “feeling his oats” from all the decades of spicy, salty cholesterol-filled foods the southwest had to offer and oh yeah the drinkn’, ah yes the drinkn’! After seeking advice from numerous men of medicine, it was a Witch Doctor down the road that diagnosed San Filippo with Bad Gut Syndrome as well as Heart Disease. Yeah the ticker wasn’t as good as it once was and changes were going to have to be made.

The biggest sacrifice was drinkn’ shots of Tequila without salt!! Gluten free products were hard to come by, but what difference did it make because San Filippo put hot sauce on EVERYTHING! Constantina immediately went into action and with the help of the Witch Doctor made a low sodium, gluten free, all-natural hot sauce.