As the story goes, t’was a couple from the backwoods of Canada who packed up and moved south; really south; to the south; in search of a better life and all the rewards that come with it. St. Charles “Hot Stuff” Slewinsky and his beautiful, yet promiscuous wife Juliette had a destination of Louisiana, where they had always heard about its Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauces and all the different foods that it complimented. Well their travels sort of overshot the runway when they made a left turn in East Cup Cake Mississippi and eventually landed in the quiet, yet quaint Hamlet of Burnabutt, Alabama!

With a population of 69 (if you count the youngin’s) Burnabutt was about to go thru a transformation. Without a hot sauce bottle nor a gin mill in sight, The Slewinskys went to work immediately. St. Charles opened his Gin Mill and Juliette ran unopposed for Mayor and they both were successful. Juliette’s first executive order from her miniscule rectangular office was to make Main St a two-way street. This caused massive disruption from the multitudes as the once one-way thoroughfare became extremely narrow! None the less she was determined to make Burnabutt a metropolis. And the opening of the St. Charles Saloon, with the Burnabutt flag hanging over the ceiling was the center for gathering, gallivanting, and gossip. so much so, that the regulars believe it should only take ten years or so for EVERYONE to be related; one way or another.

Now about the hot sauce. Juliette’s favorite spice was garlic and the only peppers within 100 miles were Cayenne. Well this would work just fine and it certainly did!

Midgets Fishing Brewery is proud to bring St. Charles Louisabama Hot Sauce to your table. Mmmmm…Anyone taste the garlic?