What’s your Bloody Mary recipe? If it consists of some over-priced, plastic bottle of sludgy, spice-flecked tomato juice and Jeebus-knows-what-else goo – that you still need to doctor up to make your eyeballs sweat – you’re failing. BIG. Sorry, but your friends might be too nice to tell you.

Luke is your friend. He knows your struggles. It takes some work to make his version, the Bluke’s Bloody Mary, but hey: If you’re adding this and that to a pre-mix Bloody Mary anyway – what’s a few more seconds? Here is Bluke’s Bloody Mary Recipe from the World Famous 18B Tailgate at the Jets Stadium (others call it MetLife, but whatevs…)

Base Beverage

70% Sacarmento Juice

15% V-8 Vegetable Juice

10% Clamato

5% Beef Broth

Mix all .. and then relax: That’s the only math involved.

Add to Taste

Luke’s Hot Sauce, made famous by the 18B Tailgate, Established 1975

Worcestershire Sauce


Crushed Red Pepper

Black Pepper

Celery Salt Lime Juice

Garnish & Fun

Celery Stalk

Lemon, Lime Wedges

Pickled Green Bean


High End: Bacon, Shrimp, Chicken Wings, a Pizza Slice, Pepperoni, Cheese Cube … use your imagination



Flavors: Pepper, Jalapeno, Citrus. All are nice (yes, we tried them all)

Serve It Up

Your choice of glass, but add some flair with a kick of spice: Rub lime or lemon around the rim, then use a glass-rimmer to add seasoned salt or Tajin (lime-infused spicy salt).



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